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Jewellery Care

Ash Flynn Jewellery is made to be worn and loved but like the things we treasure in life it too needs a little care to ensure it keeps looking its best year after year.

To ensure your piece stays in beautiful condition it is recommended that you remove your jewellery when sleeping, showering and swimming. Ingredients used in cosmetics can have an adverse reaction to precious metals. Apply creams lotions and perfumes/sprays and sunscreen first and then your jewellery after.

To clean

Gold Vermeil

To clean, wipe with a soft cloth or if needed use warm water, mild soap and pat dry. Do not use silver or gold polishing cloths on gold vermeil or plated jewellery.


To clean, wipe with a soft cloth or use warm water, mild soap and pat dry. If needed you can also use a soft toothbrush with mild soap and gently clean. Silver polishing cloths can also be used on our solid sterling silver pieces.    

Silver and tarnish

When exposed to the air metals can experience a chemical process called oxidation. This appears as tarnish on silver. This is a natural process and does not mean you jewellery is faulty.

Exposure to chemicals can also cause tarnish to develop on silver jewellery. Avoid spraying perfume or applying sunscreen directly onto silver. If you do, remove your jewellery, clean with water and pat dry.

Tarnish can often be removed effectively using silver polishing cloths.

Storing your jewellery

Store pieces separately to avoid chains knotting and pieces rubbing. Place jewellery in a pouch or your Ash Flynn Jewellery box. An airtight container stored out of direct sunlight is best for keeping your pieces tarnish free for longer.